Orly Rodrigue was born in Haifa, Israel and raised in a home where both parents worked in fields involving creativity and art, her father as an architect and her mother as a seamstress. Home was where she acquired her love for design, colors and fabrics. Even as a child, she knew she wanted to become a fashion designer, a dream she pursued diligently.

After graduating from high school (focus on sciences) and completing mandatory military service (intelligence corps), Ms. Rodrigue chose to study fashion design at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. This experience served as springboard, so that at age 21, she was able to continue her studies in Paris, obtaining an undergraduate degree from Studio Berçot Fashion Design School. The need to understand fashion design within a larger context then led Ms. Rodrigue to the Paris-Sorbonne University, where she earned a Master’s degree in Art History.

Well-equipped to contribute to the world of fashion design, Ms. Rodrigue went on to apply her skills, working with several and varied fashion designers, among them Vanessa Bruno, with whom she worked for three years. At a later stage, Ms. Rodrigue worked as a fashion consultant for Peclers Paris, a leading fashion consulting agency.

During her pregnancy Ms. Rodrigue noticed that the apparel available for pregnant women was mostly functional. Consequently, in 2004, she established her own line of designer maternity clothing, which now can be found in countries as diverse as Russia, Japan, France, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium, Germany, and Austria.


New Website and branding.

La Robe Bleue invites customers for exclusive evening event at the Studio.

Brand is developed and maternity line exported.


La Robe Bleue Studio Retail Shop opens in downtown Haifa, featuring 150 square meters of a unique concept in women’s fashion.

Public fashion show at outdoor municipal event reveals Winter 2011 collection.


Launch of a new and exclusive women’s fashion line, available only at La Robe Bleue retail headquarters. Attending the event are special guests, the Mayor of Haifa and his wife.

Participate in PLAYTIME PARIS exhibiting the year’s maternity line collection.

Export to USA halted due to global economic crisis.


Develop export to USA and tighten ties with countries in central and northern Europe.

Participate in tradeshows: CPD- Dusseldorf, Germany; Bimbo- Florence, Italy.


Visit Moscow as guest of La Robe Bleue maternity line’s exclusive distributor in Russia, the largest fashion chain. Participate in fashion show held especially for the event.

First attempts to market in USA through agency.


Company relocates to Haifa, Israel, birthplace of Ms. Rodrigue.

Set up offices and production facilities for continued manufacturing and export.

Attend four tradeshows -- locations in Germany and Italy.


International buyers invited to first private showing of La Robe Bleue collection, held at Ms. Rodrigue’s home. Line’s excellent reception leads to immediate success, with sales to exclusive boutiques in Tokyo, Seoul, Hong-Kong and London.

Attend two trade shows in Florence, Italy, the first attempts to appeal to the international market.

La Robe Bleue is selected by Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin as one of the ten leading businesses in Paris.


Founding of La Robe Bleue, a high-end maternity fashion line.

Inspiration for Company’s name found in Sergio Ceccotti’s painting that bears the title “La Robe Bleue.”

Artist endorses the brand’s name.