Issue 25
January 2013


Summer 2013 collection from La Robe Bleue – motherhood never looked so feminine!

Summer collection 2013 from La Robe Bleue is the creation of the designer Orly Rodrigue. It was created for enriching the maternity period with style, fashion quality and true femininity!
Nine months of pregnancy - this is the most special and unique period of our lives as women. Indeed, it also holds plenty of challenges for our body, and we have to keep it safe, in order to overcome all the changes it’ll go through. Still, this time is special, and Orly Rodrigue celebrates it by creating the most fashionable, comfortable and delicate maternity clothing.

What’s so special about maternity clothes summer 2013 collection from La Robe Bleue?
The summer collection of 2013 is defined by a sense of calmness, delicacy and most of all – its designed so pastorally, that gives the best vibe for both mother and child, contributing to the great feeling of raising new life inside of you. The softness and delicacy of the new collection is completed with new, special and original models, hence in order to provide the future mommies with confidence and self-esteem that are so important at this time of changes.

Orly Rodrigue has unique and open-minded approach to maternity clothing. It allowed her to create models that usually considered as not flattering for pregnant women, but with La Robe Bleue – everything is possible! The beautiful and feminine models in this collection help to emphasize the curves and beautiful shapes the female body takes during these magical nine months. The delicate colors: light brown, pinkish, turquoise bring in an air of peace, calmness and love. These special combinations contribute to the uniqueness and universality of Robe Bleue Summer collection 2013, and promise that each and every woman will find the most flattering, comfortable and beautiful wardrobe for this special period of time.

Maternity clothing – say no to overalls!
In the past, maternity clothes used to be dull, oversized and unflattering. La Robe Bleue creates gentle, warm and universal, yet unique clothing. Born in Israel, studied in Paris and Sorbonne, Orly Rodrigue got to know the needs of the fashionable future mothers. These days the collection presented in various boutiques all around the world and in Orly’s studio in Haifa, Israel.

Contact us: 84 Ha'atzmaut Way | 33034 Haifa, Israel | T. 972(4)8555450